Goal 3

The animals used to get meat from are often fed with soya and grains imported from abroad. In addition to the ecological costs incurred by the long journeys that this animal feed has to cover, other costs include deforestation of precious forests, land use change, the resulting loss of biodiversity and those incurred by the growth of food products on industrial scale monoculture farms.

Facts and Figures

70% of the world’s acreage and pasturelands are used only to produce feed for animals (for the dairy and meat industry). This has led to the diminishing of rainforests as well as a loss of habitat for other species.

The German Society for Nutrition recommends a maximum of 300 – 600 g of meat per person per week.

For 1 kg of beef, approximately 15,500 litres of water are consu- med; for 1 kg of potatoes, 210 litres.

Industrial livestock farming is destructive for both environmental and human health.

Tips for Ramadan and Beyond

For more information about the ecological costs of meat: