Goal 6 & 7

The consumption of single use plastic has been a rapidly increasing trend for many years now. How does this happen? People get their food packed, and, in most cases, the food is eaten immediately afterwards, followed by single use plastic plates, cups, spoons, or boxes ending up in a garbage bin, or, in the worst case, in our environment. In order to reduce environmental pollution and energy-intensive waste disposal, we should ideally avoid single use, disposable tableware as far as possible.

Facts and Figures

The amount of waste generated from single use plastics in 2017 was 50% more than 20 years ago!

Most of the single use plastic waste comes from restaurants and food delivery services.

Multi-use dishes/crockery from regenerative materials is not neces- sarily environment-friendly. Reduce instead of re-use!

Tips for Ramadan and Beyond

Edible Tableware (A recipe from NABU Germany)