Goal 1

Many of the fresh fruits and vegetables available in our markets are imported from different parts of the world. The seasonal food items produced regio- nally are not only more healthy and have a longer shelf life, but they have a better and enhanced taste, because they lose comparably less vitality and nutrients. They are sustainable and climate-friendly, as their transport and storage over short distances and time respectively result in less energy consumption and emissions.

Facts and Figures

Choose organic food items; they are more healthy and nutritious and protect the vital natural resources of soil and water.

Go for locally produced food as much as possible. Long transportation routes reduce the vitality of the food, besides adding to the emissions footprint.

In Deutschland werden mehr als 80 % des Obstes und rund 75 % des Gemüses importiert

Lebensmittel aus der Region legen kürzere Wege zurück, so dass beim Transport Emissionen eingespart werden - regionaler Konsum ist also klimafreundlicher

Tips for Ramadan and Beyond

Watch out for the organic certifications/labels in your region

Some examples from different countries: