In an increasingly interconnected world, the consequences of our consumption decisions are no longer limited to our immediate surroundings. Rather, globalization has turned the world into a village where actions in the social, economic and environmental spheres directly influence each other. By becoming aware of this interconnectedness, a global difference can be made through local choices, such as through the GreenIftar campaign.

Eliminating plastic here, safeguarding livelihoods there

Many industrialized countries, including Germany, transport some of their packaging waste abroad. This includes plastic, which is transported in an energy-intensive manner to other countries – usually with inadequate environmental regulations – and disposed of in incineration plants or landfills. It is not uncommon for plastic waste to end up in the ocean, harming the entire ecosystem. The plastic disposal can enter the food cycle via microplastics and thus enter the human body, where it can cause damage to health.

Poorer countries are particularly affected by plastic waste, which in turn means massive consequential damage for its inhabitants and ecosystems.

Avoiding plastic locally as much as possible can reduce the amount of waste and in return reduce the ecological and social consequences globally. In this way, a global impact can be made with our locally made decisions.

Together, let’s leave behind a viable and habitable planet for the next generation and act justly towards our fellow human beings and our environment. With GreenIftar, we can address global environmental challenges locally and present the sustainable results of our campaign to the public. For more information on how to participate, click here.