Goal 2

Water is a vital life support for plants, animals and human beings and is hence something we cannot do without. In our daily lives, we use water mainly in cook- ing and washing. Drinking water from the tap spares (packaging) waste, money, time and energy! Tap water is less expensive than packaged water, produces no waste and does not need transport over long distances. Additio- nally, tap water is the most tested and checked ‘food item’ in some countries, for example in Germany. Check the tap water standard in your country.

Facts and Figures

The daily per capita consumption of water is 126 L in Germany, 140 L in England, and in USA, the number is around 380 L.

For a single use purpose, 89 billion litres of water are packaged in plastic bottles every year

A litre of packaged mineral water costs much more than a litre of tap water. Be conscious of how much water you use in addition to the water you drink - virtual water!

Tips for Ramadan and Beyond